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Q. How long does a typical heating system and air conditioner last? When should it be replaced?
A. Heating and air-conditioning equipment last 8 to 15 years. Replacement is recommended after 10 years for increased efficiency and reliability
Q. What goes into installing a new system?
A. Selecting a system for your budget that will increase efficiency and comfort as well as analyzing duck work and square footage for proper sizing.
Q. Will a new heating system or air conditioner lower my utility bills?
A. Yes, if you increase the efficiency from what has been previously installed.
Q. What can I do to maintain my heating/cooling systems?
A. Have your system bi-annually serviced for heating and cooling seasons.
Q. How often should I have my air ducts cleaned and inspected for repairs?
A. You should have your duct system cleaned and serviced every 5 to 10 years and checked for leakage to make sure you're not losing air through the duck system. Several small holes can add up to be equal to a large hole costing you money and loss of air.


Q. What does GFCI mean?
A. GFCI is ground fault circuit interrupt, mainly used in wet or damp locations to prevent being shocked or electrocuted
Q. What should I do if an outlet or light switch does not seem to be working?
A. If an outlet or lightswitch does not seem to be working, check your breakers or your fuses at your panel box. If you do not have success, call Parks Electric and Mechanical Co. for service.
Q. How do I know when an electrical outlet has become unsafe or should be replaced?
A. If an electrical outlet is tripping the breaker, blowing the fuse, or if you hear sizzling or see sparks or smoke coming from the outlet,  it is dangerous. Call Parks Electric and Mechanical Co. immediately and turn the circuit off.
Q. How do I know when to call the electric company, the fire department, or Parks Electric & Mechanical?
A. If there is no power throughout the building or the home, called the electrical company. If you see fire or see a lot of smoke coming from any electrical outlet or electrical device, turn the power off and call the fire department immediately. If you see a spark or smoke, or hear a loud bang or lights flickering when operating electrical devices or the breaker trips a circuit and is not working, call Parks Electric and Mechanical Co.
Q. Why does my circuit breaker trip or fuses blow?
A. If your circuit breaker trips or fuse blows then you have a direct short in the electrical system and must be found and repaired.


Q. How do I know if I have a broken water line outside my house?
A. If you see water coming up out of the ground or if your water bill increases and your water closets in the house, or your faucets are not running/dripping, then you may have a busted water line.
Q. I have low water pressure in my home. What can I do about it?
If your water pressure seems low in your home or building, your main water line may be clogged and need to be replaced. You may also need to increase your waterline in size from the meter to the house or building.
Q. Why do I run out of hot water?
If you're running out of hot water, you may have a bad element or the gas valve may be working incorrectly. Another possibility is your water heater may be undersized for the amount of people living in the home.
Q. How can I help to prevent sink or drain stoppages?
Never pour grease down the kitchen drain and always use a strainer and catch all the debris and throw into the trash. Use the garbage disposal sparingly. Try to keep all hair out of the bathroom sink if possible.
Q. I think my toilet is leaking. Is there a test you can do to confirm this?
You can take red or a dark color food coloring and put into the back of the tank, then gently stir with your hand. If any colored water comes into the toilet bowl, your tank is leaking and will need to be rebuilt. If you smell an odor or see water leaking around the base of the toilet, then your toilet seal needs to be replaced.


Q. Can I handle my commercial refrigeration installation myself?
A. All refrigeration should be installed by qualified and certified technician. Never install a refrigeration system without the proper qualified mechanic needed for proper installation. There could be a danger to the environment and to yourself. It takes years of experience to work on and maintain a refrigeration system properly.
Q. When should I schedule maintenance service?
A. All refrigeration system should be cleaned and maintained annually and sometimes bi-annually to make sure proper efficiency and operation.
Q. Can I Overfill My Commercial Freezer or Refrigerator?
A commercial freezer or refrigerator is designed for the type of load that is being placed into the freezer or refrigerator is not recommended to over fill at any time.
Q. Why is My Ice Machine Under Performing?
A. If your ice machine is under performing it may be need to be cleaned and serviced for proper operation.
Q. If my equipment is still relatively new, do I need regular maintenance?
A. Just because your equipment is new does not mean you do not need to maintain. Keeping your coils clean will give you proper operation and efficiency.

Renewable Energy

Q. Does renewable energy make sense for my building?
A. Renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, solar hot water or wind is the way of the future. All of these could cut your energy consumption back, cost you less to operate in turn saving money. As growth increases, our demand for electricity will increase. Renewable energy will help protect our water or air and our future.
Q. What would I need to know about my building if I’m interested in renewable energy?
A. The state and federal tax credits, how much kilowatts of electricity your building uses in a year, and how much will you be able to manufacture yourself to cut costs. This could be done through solar panels on a roof, or parking lots with carports made of solar panels. Several different options are available.
Q. How does solar power connect to the electrical grid?
A. Solar is connected through an array of panels then into a inverter or inverters which ties into the main service of the building.
Q. Can I earn utility credit through my electric company by using alternative energy?
A. Yes, you can receive credits back through the electrical company. For more information, check with your local power company.
Q. What are the environmental impacts of renewable energy sources?
A. Renewable energy is a clean and natural source of energy that has no impact on the environment.
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